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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What is your definition of a Vegetarian?

definition of vegetarianBy : Julie Dillon

So many people claim to be vegetarians these days.  Yet they eat chicken, turkey, fish or shellfish?

When a person states, "I don't eat meat."  What exactly are they saying?  "I don't eat RED meat?  I don't eat ANY meat.  I eat fish only?  I don't eat shell fish?  I eat only fowl?  Or do they real mean, I do not eat any flesh of any kind.

After 25 years of no red meat, or pork.  15 years of no chicken or fowl.  And the past 5 years without fish or dairy.  I only know claim to be a vegetarian.  Although people have "labeled me" as a Vegetarian for the past 25 years, what gives?

I have always found it disrespectful to the true vegetarians who practice the lifestyle.  But now I wonder if I am just being anal about it?


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  1. I've been asking myself such question. On the long continuum between veganism and meat-eating, which point do I stand. I was a devout vegan when I was in the UK, but ever since I came back to my home country, Malaysia, I find it really hard to find such purely vegetarian food that doesn't put any animal meat in it. Upon that, I've begun to take fish, yet still keeping myself from red meat. Still not satsfied with the selection of food, I'm beginning to eat food with traces of red meat though I'm still avoiding myself from eating the meat itself. For each time I did that, I felt very guilty and kept telling myself I shouldn't be doing such thing. But this post is such an eye-opener! I know I shouldn't have taken those meat, even fish or even their traces. *changing my attitude tomorrow, back on becoming a strict vegan now*

  2. I've been trying to practice a vegetarian lifestyle for the past 30 years. But being married to a family of meat-eaters I tried to fit in and I end up suffering with IBS. So lately, about 3 years now I've been eating fruits for breakfast and lunch and a vegan cooked dinner. But I still would not call myself vegetarian because on occasions I cannot say 'No' to a dozen oysters in front of me.

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