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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Total Vegetarians


By : Lauren Woods

  • Total Vegetarians eat only plant food. They do not eat any animal foods, including fish, eggs, dairy products, and honey.
  • Vegans not only omit all animal products from their diets, but they also eliminate them from the rest of their life. Vegans use nothing from animals, such as leather, wool, and silk.
  • Lacto-Vegetarians will include dairy products into their diet of plant food.
  • Lacto-Ovo-Vegetarians eat both eggs and dairy products.
  • Pesco-Vegetarians include fish into their diets.
  • Pollo-Vegetarians eat poultry, such as chicken, turkey, and duck.

Total VegetarianI've decided it's the time to stop drinking dairy. It is now February 1st, the start of a new month, feels right to make changes :)! I haven't had cheese in a week- or eggs- I haven't had honey in ... a year? Not a big honey person. I like it, I just don't normally eat foods which include it. I've been addicted to chocolate milk all my life, but they have chocolate milk substitutes, and that is where I'm starting as of today :O)

I'm happy my diet has evolved so quickly- I thought giving up meat would be so much harder. I never dreamed I'd give up dairy, but I feel so.. GOOD. Energized, happy. I may become vegan well before my birthday O.O! If I become vegan do I have to get rid of any clothes I have that may be wool? I never pay attention to clothes, I know my wardrobe is mainly comprised of cotton... Just asking, lmao. I respect veganism, I just want to do it right when I get to it!

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