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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Rant, Here's My Guts

By : Leanna Gonzalez

I was recently singled out publicly online for all to see by what was once considered a "friend" over my veg diet and how I force it in peoples faces... well, for one, I have never targeted someone and bombarded them with reasons why their diet is bad and I have just NEVER confronted anyone. I made it so that if they were interested they could simply comment on a status or just ignore the post but never directed at anyone, just general things. Secondly, my posts were very general and never directed at anyone, just liked links, shared videos, and statuses very relevant to my life just like everybody else. Not everything I posted was all the same or about the general subject of health and diet at all. I had to clear the list of people connected to me and rid it from the people who seemed to be very hostile and against my diet...but to get to the point of this post... as I learn more I really wish my posts were paid more attention to and that my 'friends' would listen.

The fallacies of dairy milk and how something deemed 'healthy' could really just be paid off just to market that it is. Cow milk is, in fact, not healthy for you and everything you need is given to you naturally from the earth. Small video: or article here: In the video given it actually says that the advertisement about how milk builds strong bones is actually false so it had to stop being used.

Also, I know my brother has opted to stop drinking regular colas and started drinking diet ones. I knew aspartame was bad but when I really looked into it I was very concerned for his health because it is an artificial sweetener in diet drinks and other products... video here:

Just... even generally with a veg diet I wish that people would listen and open their eyes that nothing good has really come from the consumption of meat or animal products, especially because of all the illness, disease, and cancer that has been linked to together with certain dietary factors like meat in The ChinaStudy by Dr. Campbell.

Honestly, it just kind've... REALLY tears me down that people still partake in diets that basically only hurt themselves and I wish they'd listen so they can have a life of good energy and feeling. It's funny how the meat section in the markets has dramatically grown and so has diabetes, heart disease, obesity, stroke and cancer. I try and get the word out out of compassion from my heart, to anyone that will listen for their health... and for the animals. I don't force it, but I just wish I could talk about it with more people that would become interested in it while they assess the ways their lifestyle choices might have been wrong for their whole being.

End rant. :)

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