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Monday, October 22, 2012

Oh my vegan! :)

healthy fruitsBy : Leanna Gonzalez

Health propaganda, pseudo health facts, fallacies, call it what you will, misleading information manipulated and put out there that are completely false. Corporate money paid for false claims. And this needs to be fixed.

Sitting in my nutrition class today, I find myself unable to withhold myself from not taking my 'professor' seriously. The 'My Plate' that replaced the My Pyramid which has a cup alongside the plate of what your foods be divided like labeled 'Dairy.' I almost laughed that 'dairy' need to be included because, in fact, any source of any nutrient you'll ever need is more fittingly found in your natural foods. Leafy greens, and alternative milks (which have over 50% more calcium)... Or the aspartame section about what happens when you're 'sensitive' to it and that the only thing listed for those who should not consume it are individuals with PKU. At this point I felt this was getting a little ridiculous because NO individual should consume aspartame if you truly knew what all the studies and facts point at. Brain tumors included. Now I feel like I have some HUGE research to do questioning everything in my book even more than it let's on. We are being killed through food. Cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, obesity, stroke, etc. Major studies have shown the connection to a meat-eaters diet.

Did you know that juicing and getting all those micro nutrients does such AMAZING things for you?? I even bought a juicer immediately after watching the  'Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead' documentary. It has very inspiring juicing stories! It is a must see! As well as Forks and Knives of course. :)

It's almost funny that I find people saying something like, "A little poison won't kill you if you have it in moderation, moderation is the key!" lol. If something is truly bad for you shouldn't you just not consume it at all? Especially when there's safer, even yummier and more healthy, alternatives. Everything can easily be replaced. Hell, I think vegan cupcakes and treats taste better than any egg, milk recipe I've ever had (when I used to consume that)! Some things just should never be eaten and that is that. :) Not "pick your poison", NO poison needs to be chosen. Just a change in diet.

I have HUGE goals. Oh, yes. I want to become famously known for my contributions to the veggie community. Be the best advocate I can! :D My lifestyle had plunged me into a major movement in my life! Yoga, gym, juicing, vegan diet. Oh, I feel so wonderful! And one day I want to perform research and studies and further make all the arrows point to a murder-free all-natural plant-based diet. :) They basically already do when you look into it so I have work to come up with better ideas! lol or maybe... I can help people heal like the many stories and documentaries I've heard and watched through a plant-based diet.

And you can't get mad at someone for promoting good nutrition, animal well-fare, and a better environment all in one can you? :) That'd be pretty absured! lol. It's also funny how people get mad at veggies for 'preaching' when other major movements can have the freedom to be as loud and aggressive as they want. Why should we tiptoe around the issues we address like broken glass? No. Our movement also needs to be heard, our passion, our voices, our love! <3

Why has the oppressor been seen as better than the oppressed? For the animals, we are their voices. For health. For love. We are the voices of that as well. There is a price to silence, and I'm not going to take that price.

(This article inspired me more about this as well:

Anyways, I'm just hyped up right now. Just to add a little more...Here's some copy and pastes from a book I purchased called 'Veganist', if you like it please look into purchasing it to learn more and support the author :

All food poisoning--all foodborne viruses, bacteria, and antibiotic-resistant infections--comes from animals, including humans. Over 95% of the meat, dairy, and eggs we eat comes from factory farms, where the animals are pumped full of drugs to keep them ALIVE and speed up their development and productivity. In fact, chickens get twice the antibiotic dosing than cattle do, because the conditions they are raised in are the worst of the worst and therefore require more medicine to keep them alive long enough to be killed for their meat. In 2010, the Centers for Disease Control reported finding fecal constamination in 90% poultry, 75% beef, and 43% pork.

A man was scheduled for bypass surgery with multiple blockages in his coronary ateries. After just eleven days on a low-fat, plant-based diet, the pain was gone. He canceled his surger. Dr. Esselstyn publish his findings in the American Journal of Cardiology.

Doctors and others have published their results, which prove that vast numbers of people who have beaten heart disease, cancer, diabetes, obesity, impotenence, dementia, and more by changing the way they eat.

Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Dean Ornish, and Dr. Neal Barnard agree that whole foods, plant-based diet minimizes the likelihood of stroke, obesity, hypertensions, type 2 diabesters, and cancers of the breast, prostate, colon, rectum, uterus, and ovary.

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