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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Meat Eaters Make Me Frustrated!!

healthy vegetarianBy: Leanna Gonzalez

I provide studies, statistics, articles, YouTube lectures and speeches, and most importantly, the findings of Dr. Campbell and yet they still argue and are ok with animals being killed!! Even on the humane, for the animals, side of it. It is just seriously annoying and pisses the hell out of me.

How do I "not understand" when I talk about the inefficiency of meat production? The deforestation of crops, pollution of waters, the unsanitary condition creating nasty bacteria, the healthier life-style that will indeed prove better and make you feel better... just.. the resources all wasted and the areas polluted for meat production! What gets me the most is any argument on the humane side of a vegan diet does not work. No, you have to get more technical than that. Even then, they don't listen.

Is "The China Study" by renowned Dr. Campbell not enough? That I don't just preach because of my ownvalues and beliefs but because they are also encouraged by SCIENCE and STUDIES?

It's not all black and white, you don't need animal products, you don't exactly need chemotherapy for cancer because you can reduce or cure disease with a plant-based diet. And prevent completely. Although, obviously with things being controlled corporately they don't want you to know you don't need animal products and the 'Got Milk?' ad campaign is basically a laughing stock. They spend so much money to promote the message and make you think you need it. Then, when your unhealthy, they make money off of you in even more ways.

I wish studies such as Dr. Campbells and advocates for the vegan diet were more well-known... makes me sad and upset to see a hard-headed meat-eater who won't think beyond "tradition" and an old system of beliefs.

As we get more advanced it's only logical to go about the most effective and efficient diet. To learn and push the RIGHT things and facts.

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