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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Cruel and Heart-Wrenching Incident of Slaughter I Had Read About a Few Days Ago

By : M Raghavendra

It was about midnight and we are just slipping off to sleep when screams of severe pain snapped me back to reality. Someone was murdering a child outside our bedroom window. I jumped up and peered out. The body was slung to the branch of a tree and was howling pitifully. They are skinning it.. Its a Goat.

Poor kid..I could see the black shapes moving among the shadows..and realized that the neighbors were Satanists and are performing a sick, sadistic ritual to placate their evil spirits. Couldn't they go "Trick and Treating" instead? There was a severe crack of bone as they tore their poor victim apart in their frenzy.

It turned out that our neighbors were having a separation party and had killed a goat for the occasion. They were having a big party to celebrate. In fact, It was a two goat party and we were treated to Slaughter part-2 the following morning. The children were sitting around in eager anticipation. I had thought the midnight killing was to spare them, But no.. here they were in the best seats. I had a great view from my bed room and like bullfighting, this was definitely a spectator sport.

The handsome white male goat had been strung up to the hanging tree by its hind legs and for some reason didn't like it. It screamed horribly. The father and the two oldest sons stood by ready to do their bit. One of the sons grabbed the goat's horns to stop it swinging like a pendulum while the father danced around, his large knife glinting in the sunlight, trying to find the best angle of attack. The father stepped forward and put the knife to the goat's throat. The creature stuggled so fiercely that the two killers could bearly restrain the animal's head. In a few moments, a thick line of red liquid began to pour from the Goat's neck. All the while the goat screamed hysterically. Suddenly, the father stepped forward again, grabbed the goat's genitals and sliced them off with one swift stroke of the knife. There was now an empty pale pink patch between goat's legs. All the while it kept panicking and screaming, though now, sensing that the game was up, was putting up less of a struggle.

The Five and Six year old were by now, in a high state of animation running around copying the horrowing death cries of agonized goat. After some minutes, It became still. The steady trickle of blood from its neck continued. the children danced still danced around screaming in mock imitation of the Goat's last agony.

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  1. And they (the author) just sat there and did nothing?!

  2. had they protested they would have surely been held responsible for the communal riot that followed

  3. What would you do? Challenge a bunch of lunatics with knives? The author should be praised for watching and recounting the story - I don't know if I this...




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